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Learn how to improve your irrigation practices from the recording of our 2023 spring program series.

April 4, 2023 | Program Recording | Handout

Put it on Smart! - The 411 on Efficient Lawn Watering

  • Deciding on when a lawn does and doesn’t need water.
  • The pros & cons of various turf species.
  • How much water should be applied?
  • The 2 bottom lines of lawn irrigation.
  • How to apply it evenly.
  • What to do if the lawn is sloped.
  • How to make changes during the growing season.
  • What to do for a languishing lawn.

Presenter: John Fech, Nebraska Extension Educator

May 2, 2023 | Program Recording

Advanced Lawn Irrigation Tips for Reducing Water Use

Steve will focus on sprinkler controllers that utilize soil moisture sensors, rain sensors and weather-based scheduling to automatically apply the water needed by your lawn and garden. He will also teach you how to troubleshoot problem areas under your irrigation systems. Presenter: Steve Melvin, Nebraska Extension Educator

June 6, 2023 | Program Recording

Drip Irrigation – Correct Installation, Efficient Use and Layout

Join Brad and learn how to effectively utilize drip irrigation in your landscape beds. Learn about the differences between point source and broadcast applications, and the various components that make up a drip irrigation system. Finally, learn how to layout a system and utilize it to meet your plant water needs. Presenter: Brad Jakubowski, Penn State University Instructor of Turfgrass and Irrigation

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