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GROBigRed Virtual Learning

GROBigRed Virtual Learning

Join us for the next programs in the GRO Big Red Virtual Learning series. 

These free webinar series - delivered via Zoom - are a great opportunity to join experts from Nebraska Extension to learn and ask questions! All  programs are on the second Wednesday of the month from Noon-1pm CT. Note the date/time change from 2023.

Simple Landscape Design - May 8, 2024 | Register

What exactly differentiates a good landscape from a poor one? Learn the basics of landscape design by covering the principles and elements of design. Personalize your outdoor space by taking your own design style and the growing environment into consideration. Presenter: Elizabeth Exstrom, Nebraska Extension Educator

Summer Lawn Care - June 12, 2024 | Register

When the temperatures heat up, cool season lawns containing Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass often become stressed.  This presentation will focus on the techniques and timing to keep them thriving all year long such as irrigation, fertilization, insect/weed/disease control, reseeding, aeration and mowing. Presenter: John Fech, Nebraska Extension Educator

Vegetable Garden Disease - July 10, 2024 | Register

Mid-summer is the time diseases start to make their appearance in the vegetable garden, and if untreated, can have a significant impact on garden production. However, there are steps a gardener can take to prevent or minimize disease severity. Learn how to use an integrated approach - incorporating mechanical, cultural and chemical strategies - for control of the diseases in your garden. Presenter: Sarah Browning, Nebraska Extension Educator

Fall Garden Maximization - August 14, 2024 | Register

Extend your growing season by learning how to plan for and grow fall crops. Pick the vegetables that love the cooler weather. Use structures such as floating row cover and cold frames to grow a number of crops - even into winter! Presenters: David Lott & Ian Peterson, Nebraska Extension Educators

Pollinator Habitats - September 11, 2024 | Register

Creating a habitat for pollinators takes more than pretty flowers. Join Mary Jane and Scott to understand plant section and the mechanics of building a successful pollinator habitat. Presenters: Scott Evans & Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Educators

Starting Plants for Your Garden - February 14, 2024 | Watch the Recording Here

Maximizing Garden Potential - March 13, 2024 | Watch the Recording Here

Rain-Use it, Don't Lose it! - April 10, 2024 | Watch the Recording Here

  • Find great resources that were discussed in the program on Rainwater Harvesting here.

Presentation Recordings

Available below and on the GROBigRed Virtual Learning Series YouTube channel,

Food Preservation

Garden Management


Insect Pests





Vegetable Gardening

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