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Image of moderate drought damage on turf at spring emergence.

Image of moderate drought damage on turf at spring emergence. Image by Sarah Browning, Nebraska Extension.

Annual workshops for nursery & green industry professionals, public works employees, landscape managers, arborists, tree board volunteers and cemetery & grounds keepers.

Fall Virtual Program

November 9, 10:00 am to Noon CST
Join from your computer via Zoom. Cost $20.00/ person. 

Registration is now open. 

What's Wrong with My Tree?
Speaker – Laurie Stepanek, Forest Health Specialist, Nebraska Forest Service
Most problems on trees in urban landscapes are due to environmental extremes or abiotic issues. Laurie will discuss many of these common problems and provide suggestions for management.

Drought: Repairing Turf this Fall and Prevention of Future Damage
Speaker – Amanda Folck, Nebraska Extension Turfgrass Educator
Drought in turfgrass was a major problem during the summers of 2022-2023, especially in eastern Nebraska. Amanda will discuss the basics of turfgrass growth and how drought causes damage in turfgrass. She will also provide the tools and updated information to help professionals managing turfgrass areas prepare for future droughts.

For more information, contact:

Kelly Feehan, Extension Educator
Phone: (402) 563-4901

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