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Raising Broilers for Home Consumption

Free range chickens at Pennypack Farm. Photo by Christopher Paquette.

Raising your own food has been an up-and-coming topic as of late. Many people enjoy the peace and mind of knowing where their food comes from. Raising broiler chickens is not only fun but extremely easy if done correctly. All you have to provide is the right housing, a dry clean environment and the right feed and in 7-8 weeks, you’ll have a nice plump broiler to put in the freezer.

September is a great time to start broiler chickens. The weather is just warm enough to not chill the new chicks but turns cool enough to where the older broilers are not heat stressed. This power point presentation will outline just what it takes to raise healthy, happy broiler chickens for you and your family.

broilers presentation title screen
View the Raise Your Own Broilers Presentation!
Image of Brett Kreifels, Nebraska Extension Assistant
Brett Kreifels
Extension Assistant, 4-H Youth Development & Science Literacy

Poultry has always been Brett’s passion ever since he was a little boy. He took that passion and started a career with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a 4-H Extension Assistant in Douglas-Sarpy Counties. There, he uses his knowledge of poultry on a daily basis working with urban and acreage poultry producers as well as 4-H Youth. His goal is to educate potential backyard and acreage poultry producers and youth on proper care and management of their flock to ensure safe and nutritious eggs and meat that provides a sustainable food source for families.

He is located at:
Douglas-Sarpy County Extension
8015 W Center Road
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 444-7804