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GRO Big Red Podcast - Dealing with Storm Damage

GRO Big Red - Dealing with Storm Damage, Acreage Insights July 2017,
GRO Big Red - Dealing with Storm Damage, Acreage Insights July 2017, http://acreage.unl.eduTune in to the GRO Big Red podcast to learn how to prevent future storm damage to your trees.

Welcome to our latest episode of GRO Big Red! Today Scott Evans and Jonathan Larson discuss storm damage to trees and how homeowners should react to it. Scott covers tips for preventing future storm damage, how to hire a certified arborist to help you out, and the various kinds of damage we can experience. Also covered, the insects that may be attracted to your stressed out trees! Listen now.

Show Notes:

The first two links will help you to find a certified arborist near you

Nebraska Forest Service - Immediate Care for Storm Damaged Trees

Here is a helpful PDF on how to properly plant a tree

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