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Nebraska Equine Webinar Series - September 2018

Nebraska Equine Webinar Series, Nebraska Extension Acreage Insights for April 1, 2018,

Nebraska Equine Webinar Series is a great place for 4-H leaders and/or parents and senior aged youth to gain knowledge in many different areas. Each month will cover a different topic and have various experts in those areas.

Join the webinar  Note: This is the Zoom link for ALL Animal Care Wednesday Webinars, so feel free to add the dates, times and Zoom link to your calendar.

This summer's programs will be offered on the following dates at 6:00 p.m. Central time.  

  • Sep 5 - Anibiotic/antimicrobial stewardship: The importance of product handling, storage temp, mixing techniques
  • Oct 3 - 2018 Ag law and regulation updates: Animal welfare and care outlook
  • Nov 7 - Updates on the BQA Transportation certification program implementation and federal commercial trucker regulations
  • Dec 5 - Update on OneHealth initiative

Past webinars are archive online at Horse Webinar Series website. 

For more information about the webinar series, contact:

Lena Luck 
Nebraska Extension Equine Specialist
402 472-9098

Lena Luck
Lena Luck
Assistant Professor, Youth Extension Equine Specialist

Contact Lena at:
C204g Animal Sciences
Lincoln, NE