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Water Q & A - Spring vs. Purified Bottled Water

Spring vs. Purified Bottled Water, Nebraska Extension Acreage Insights March 2017.

Question: I bought a case of bottled spring water on sale to have on hand in case of an emergency. What am I drinking and what’s the difference between spring and purified bottled water?

Meghan: Bottled water labeled as “purified” is water derived from an existing public water supply or other treated water supply.  Water labeled as “spring water” or “natural spring water” is treated and bottled at a facility (either domestic or international) and sourced directly from a natural spring.  Because of the difference in source and treatment types they each may have a slightly different taste—you may notice this across type of bottled water and brand of bottled water.  The Food and Drug Administration has set requirements to ensure that all bottled water meets health requirements. Either can be used to help meet your needs for water in case of an emergency.  It’s a good idea to store the bottled water in a cool and dark place and to use and replace the water after 6-12 months.

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Meghan Sittler
Meghan Sittler
Extension Educator - Domestic Water & Wastewater
Meghan's education includes a master's degree in natural resources with minors in political science and environmental planning. She also has a graduate certification in public policy analysis, as well as undergraduate degrees in environmental studies and anthropology from UNL. Her graduate project was focused on the development of collaborative and adaptive management for the Missouri River.

Sittler began as coordinator of the Lower Platte River Corridor Alliance in December 2008. Prior to that, Sittler worked for the National Park Service as an archaeological technician, an environmental educator with the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, an adviser and instructor with the UNL Environmental Studies program and School of Natural Resources and as a research and outreach specialist for the National Drought Mitigation Center. Meghan began her work as a Nebraska Extension Educator focussing on water in 2016.

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